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10 cheapest countries to live in World

These are the 20 cheapest countries to live in World

1. South Africa

south africa cheep country to live1 10 cheapest countries to live in World

south africa cape tome

If you live during a major town in South Africa like Cape Town, your monthly expenses may come back below Rs 27,000. Rent for a typical one bedchamber housing averages to Rs 17,000. Groceries and commodity also are cheaper as compared to cities such the New York City.

South Africa is that the world’s largest producer of Pt, gold and Cr that enhances the rising economy and boosts the country’s buying power.
(Source: GoBankingRates)

2. India

india  cheep country to live 2 10 cheapest countries to live in World

India Dehli

India is second on the list with cheaper rents, native product and services. The buying power is 20.9 per cent lower as compared to new york. Groceries and consumer goods also are relatively cheaper.

3. Kosovo

kosovo cheep country to live 3 10 cheapest countries to live in World

eastern Europe, Kosovo

Located in eastern Europe, Kosovo shares borders with Serbia and Republic of Albania and features a population of 1.9 million. If you reside within the capital town of Pristina, your expenses as one would return up to Rs 22,000. Rent for one room flat is as low as Rs 18,000.

4. Saudi Arabia


saudi cheep country to live 4201 10 cheapest countries to live in World

Saudia Arab KSA Riyadh City

Falling fourth is Saudi Arabia that includes a loaded economy due to its rich oil and petroleum business that earns the country a high gross domestic product per capita of $24,161. This successively provides Saudi Arabia a 33.6% higher buying power that off sets the costs of groceries and consumer goods that are above most of the countries during this class.

However, fuel costs are cheap in Saudi Arabia

5. Kazakhstan


kazaksthan cheep country to live 5 10 cheapest countries to live in World


Kazakhstan’s price of rent is 88.9 per cent cheaper compared to new york with a monthly rent for a furnished apartment in a very downtown space at regarding Rs 25,000. A loaf of bread is simply Rs 19 and a liter of milk may be a very little on top of Rs 60.

6. Zambia

zambia cheep country to live 6 10 cheapest countries to live in World

Zambia African Country

This African country lands on the sixth spot as a result of the actual fact that it’s a 50 per cent higher buying power amid low value trade goods and services. when rent expenses are high, the income earned is high enough to hide prices.

7. Oman

oman cheep country to live 7 10 cheapest countries to live in World

Oman Muttrah Muscat City

Like alternative Middle Eastern countries, Oman is rich in oil and gas that create it a moneyed economy with the best buying power within the list at 57.5 per cent with price of products that are relatively cheaper.

8. Paraguay


paraguaycheep country to live 8 10 cheapest countries to live in World


If you live in capital of Paraguay, the country’s capital, your monthly living expenses can fall to Rs 24,000 a month.Rent during this country is 91.7 per cent cheaper, so creating a one bedroom flat price less than Rs 17,000.

9. Czech Republic

czech republic cheep country to live9 10 cheapest countries to live in World

Czech Republic

Czech Republic has a fine balance between low price of products and high buying power with a per capita GDP of $19,500 that means locals should buy a lot of, pay low-cost rent with their disposable incomes.

10. Pakistan

Pakistan cheep country to live 6 10 cheapest countries to live in World

Islamabad Capital City of Pakistan

Sharing the border with India, Pakistan’s industrial town of Lahore is extremely reasonable to live in. The combined prices of rent, food and goods and services for a month is small over Rs 35,000 a month.


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