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Arrest warrant against Rakhi Sawant

A nearby court here has issued a capture warrant against Bollywood performer Rakhi Sawant for professedly making questionable comments against sage Valmiki, who composed the legendary Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’.


Arrest warrant against Rakhi Sawant Arrest warrant against Rakhi Sawant

The warrant was issued on March 9 on the premise of a protestation recorded against her for supposedly harming religious estimations of Valmiki people group with her remarks on a program on a private TV station a year ago, police said today.

“By doing as such she has harmed the religious notions of a substantial number of his supporters,” the grumbling said.

“A two-part group of the Ludhiana police has left for Mumbai with the capture warrant,” a police official said.

Sawant had neglected to show up under the watchful eye of the court amid the keep going hearing hung on March 9 regardless of the court issuing her rehashed summons. The following becoming aware of the case is planned for April 10.

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