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NSA hacked Pakistani mobile system – Wikileaks

Wikileaks has given weight to a claim that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had compromised telecommunication networks in Pakistan.

NSA hacked Pakistani mobile system Wikileaks NSA hacked Pakistani mobile system   Wikileaks

In a tweet, the whistleblower website referenced a new set of decrypted data leaked by notorious hacker group ShadowBrokers, which had leaked a huge tranche of alleged spy tools used by NSA for intercepting communications around the world.

The original data dump was made by the hacker group in August last year but included a set of encrypted files, with previews of tools that were allegedly used by the NSA.

Previously, security experts had warned the posting could prove to be a hoax.

The group said interested parties had to send funds in advance of winning the auction via Bitcoin currency and would not get their money back if they lost.

On Saturday, however, ShadowBrokers released a password for the encrypted files, giving public access to the database.

On Medium, an account allegedly run by the hacking group claims, in a post releasing the password for the files, “TheShadowBrokers… auction was an apparent failure. Consider this our form of protest.”

The post also directly addresses US President Donald Trump and sets forth a series of ‘policy suggestions’.

Previously, The Intercept had reported that the NSA had allegedly spied on top civil-military communications in Pakistan using a tool called ‘SECONDDATE’, the code to which was leaked by ShadowBrokers.


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