Pakistani made Robotic Waiter Serving Food in a Restaurant

Robot Waiter Serving Food/Pizza in a Restaurant in Multan, Pakistan

A pizza place in Multan,Pakistan, is set to supply robotic waiter service to its customers. The wonderful thing is that this robot in question and every one of its underlying technology is totally made of the bottom up in Pakistan.

 Pakistani made Robotic Waiter Serving Food in a Restaurant

Idea this Robot technology

The main force behind this whole operation is Syed Usama Aziz, an engineering science graduate from NUST. he’s the son of restaurant’s owner and has a keen interest within the field of robotics.

Motivation Source of Robotics Technology in Pakistan

Usama listed in engineering science department of NUST in 2011 and graduated in 2015. He needed to check additional and explore the sector of robotics by going abroad. His father, the owner of, inspired him to remain in Pakistan and prove his bravery here.Upon failing to persuade his parents on going abroad for more studies, he set to follow his passion right here in Pakistan. so as to enhance his fathers’ building, he affected the notion that whole serving method ought to be machine-controlled to extend potency by several folds.But once he complete that the price of importation an automatic serving machine from different countries would set him back numerous rupees, he set to develop one in Pakistan from scratch.

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